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Blessings, Prayers & Meditations

Here you will find all information about the different light sessions. If you have any questions, please be warmly welcome to contact me via call or email. All sessions can be requested and booked by email, Telegram or SMS. Appointments are possible between Sun - Fri, between 09.30 - 19.00 (Paris CET) / 01.30 - 11.00 (Santa Fe MST)

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Blessings for bliss on earth

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 144 euros

Package: 4 x within one month: 440 EUR

Location: Online or on site (Luxembourg)

Here the heavenly powers of the Archangels, Star Sisters and Brothers, Mother Mary, the Goddesses, Lord Shiva, Sri Ganesha and many other loving beings of Sirius, Arcturus and the entire light universe are called. A Christ-, a Fairy- or Shakti-Lighttemple is created for the intended person. Blessings are radiated from it across space and time. New light portals open, Angelic light flows onto the earth, Light Dolphins spread joy, bliss and lightness. Lord Maitreya also works through hardened shells with his aura and brings a golden flow of bliss into the heart.


The blessing can be for one person, for the whole family, and/or for a specific situation. Even though one can and may bless everyone and everything, it is important to me that the person, for whom this blessing is intended, is first consulted and asked for permission.

Tree of Life Journey
Step into your light-infused & golden Tree of Life

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 220 euros

Location: Online call or on site (Luxembourg)

This wonderful meditation journey takes place via a powerful Christ Light Cathedral. First you step into a dimensional Christ Light Cathedral illuminated by Angelic Light and the Christ Avatars. The earthly garment is taken off you. Padre Pio, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and the Angels lead you then to your Tree of Life.


The Archangels, the Light Dolphins, Wales, Mother Mary (or as Black Madonna), Lady Quan Yin, Goddess Ixchel, Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ and Lord Maitreya accompany you through the branches and energy points of your Tree of Life to let go of that which is old and not of truthful service anymore for the lightful development of your soul. Your Tree of Life is being opened, liberated and strengthened for the golden, ever-increasing Christ Consciousness.

This meditation deeply channels Elohim and Alcyone powers to your Soul-Being.

Harmonization of houses & estates
Energetic cleaning & light infusion for all types of apartments, homes, buildings & estates

Duration: 4 hours - 1 day / depending on the size and type of building(s) involved

Price on request

With this light work, apartments, buildings and estates are energetically liberated, ie cleaned of external radiation, external energies, dimension holes, previous owners, deceased souls and much more.

The house is brought into a harmonious wavelength. Light Guards and Angels are called to windows, entrances and exits; light curtains are created for protection. Devas (Elves, Dragons, Light Dwarves, Dolphins, Unicorns...) of the area are invited to enter and exit the house again and co-habit with its residents. Angel Gates are opened.


Light crystals by Litios® are used for this work. They should continue to affect the aua and environment of the building after the light session. The Litios® Light Crystals offer magnificent and very, very powerful connections to High Priest Melchizedek, Archangels and Crystal Angels, the Ascended Masters and Light Protectors.

Duration 1-4 room apartment: approx. 2 - 4 hours

Duration single-family house and property: approx. 2 - 8 hours
Multi-story and public buildings: 1-2 days with 1-3 further Lightworkers


Prices and information on request. Thank you very much.

Soul Image
A painting that shows your Soul  & personal Light Guardians

Duration: 2-3 months waiting time, please inquire

Medium: oil and precious metals on canvas, framed

Size: 80 x 80 cm

Price: 4400 Eur

Place: pickup or shipping

For this painting I connect myself energetically to your Higher Self. Each image reveals lightful treasures and companions that guide, protect and strengthen the soul. The paintings can for example reveal spirit animas, tree-, flower, air, fire, water or other nature Devas, Guardian and Crystal Angels that want to connect with the soul to guide some one through this life. The strength and love of our hearts are so endlessly big and multi-dimensional that we are often not fully aware of the divine potential we bring to this earth.


The standard format for the oil-paintings iis 70 x 70, other formats are possible. I use a lot of real-color pigments as well as gold, silver and bronze powders or leaves. As medium I use sunflower-seed oil (no turpentine), thus they take a bit longer to dray then when mixed with chemicals. The painting is framed before sending. Different wood- and color-options are available and will be chosen with the client to perfectly match the colors and precious metals used for the painting..


The paintings shine with plenty of energy: I work with light crystals, sacred sounds and Ascended Masters while I paint to fully energize the paintings. It is important to me that each painting spreads truly loving and light-infused vibes, so that the full potential of your soul can be revealed to you and shine upon you each day and night.

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