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One on one workshops: Introduction to the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION (LICHT-HERZ-MEDITATION)



The LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION is a meditation technique of the Christ light, love and gratitude. Gratitude means acceptance of All-that-is, of one’s self, of one’s whole life and destiny.

At the same time, accepting means letting go of all resentment, grudge or other blocking energies that disallow our own divine energies and desires to flow freely.


The human spirit and mind are permanently exposed to criticism and numerous sparks of judgment. Thus it was important for me to develop a meditation technique in which the “yes”, i.e. the thank you, to life comes as first priority.


The LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION brings us back into this feeling of perfection and the fullness of All-that-is. It is a learning journey to meet and experience our destiny and the world as it is, in gratitude, on all levels. It actively surrounds you with the pureness of the Christ light.


I hope you will enjoy and grow with this meditation the way it has helped me, to become one with ones own heart in a divine dwelling – while being filled and surrounded by light, love and gratitude.


This is a very simple, yet one of the most powerful meditation techniques one can practice. It can be practiced once or multiple times daily. One seance of LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION can be between 3 - 40 minutes (or longer if wished) as it is very flexible in time and space and adapts to the practitioner's wish of intensity / length. After a first few days/weeks of practice, one can easily meditate with this technique anywhere, at anytime.


Every participant gets the e-book about the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION. It includes all the steps and tips that we discuss during the workshop.



Each workshop is given one-on-one as individual introduction. The meditation consists of three steps. One  of the steps is adapted to each individual person, guided by Archangels, Elohim, Padre Pio and other Christ Avatars that come forth to the Soul at that moment.


One practical energy exercice, that raises light energy through the Tree of Life and spine, is given to each participant. They can be visual or chanting / sound exercices, that I have learnt from Rabbi David A. Cooper and practiced for many, many years. These exercices go back to Kabalist Abraham Abulafia. This "opening" exercice can be practiced daily with (or without) the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION and adds a purification and deeply energizing and harmonious alignment of the chakras and entire lightbody.



Workshop dates:


❧ Friday 3rd November 2023 // 19.00 - 22.00 CET (Luxembourg) // 10.00 am - 1.00 pm PST (online, Los Angeles). This workshop takes part in collaboration with Victor Nguyen & The Metta Space in La Jolla // This workshop is held in English.


❧ Friday 17th November 2023 // 19.00 - 22.00 CET (Luxembourg) // 10.00 am - 1.00 pm PST (online, Los Angeles)


Individual workshop: please add your preferred date(s) in the shopping cart at "Notiz hinzufügen"(add note) and if you want to do it online or on location at the artist studio in Luxembourg. I will do my best to arrange the schedule to your wish. You can also ask for availability at before doing the purchase. Thank you ☺️


The content of the workshop is always the same, whether it is an individual introduction, or a group introduction. The individual as well as the group workshops cost 144,- per person. There is a maximum of 4 participants per group.



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144,00 €Preis

    Introduction: What is the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION, what is its purpose and intention? How does it differ from other meditations or relaxation techniques?


    ❧ Exercise 1: Strengthening your aura with pure, divine light / Aura clearing


    ❧ Exercise 2: Vowel chanting after Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia / Enlightening your energy points with light and sound


    ❧ Theory: Step-by-step of the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION / Explaining the 3 steps, and variations


    ❧ Guided Meditation: Step-by-step through the LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION


    ❧ Silent moment


    ❧ Sharing the experience & questions



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