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Blessings 4 x Package

Blessings for bliss & joy on this earth. 4 x 1 hour within one month.

  • 1 Stunde
  • 440 Euro
  • LU


Here the celestial powers of the Archangels, Star and Light Brothers and Sisters, Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Elohim Astrea, Goddess Shekina, Godess Isis, Goddess Hathor, Lord Shiva, Sri Ganesha, Dragons, the White Cobra and many other light beings of Sirius, Arcturus and the entire light universe are called. The blessing can be directed to one person, or the whole family, as well as to a specific situation. Although one can and may bless everyone and everything, it is important to me that the person for whom this blessing is intended is asked prior for permission. Duration: approx. 60 minutes (± 10 minutes) The blessing will take place at a desired time, and will then be streamed live via audio call. You can also choose the time aligned with your Star- and Light siblings, for this please express the desire when booking, then I suggest a few dates. This package gives 4 blessings within one month. With the online booking system only the first date can be chosen, the other ones will be fixed via email.


  • Luxemburg


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