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Kopie von Gebäude- & Grundstück Harmonisierung

Energetische Reinigung & Lichtdurchflutung für Gebäude und Grundstücke

  • 6 Stunden
  • On request
  • LU


During this light work apartments, buildings and properties are energetically cleaned, i.e. cleansed of foreign radiations, foreign energies, previous owners, departed souls and much more. The house is brought into harmony. Light guardians and angels are called to windows and entrances/exits, light curtains are created. Light devas (elves, dragons, light dwarfs, dolphins, unicorns ...) of the environment are invited to enter and exit the house again an co-habit and -exist with their human beings. This work is done with light crystals, these are intended to continue to work on the site during and after the light harmonization. They strengthen the aura of the building, iits grounds, garden its residents, guests and create a strong protection. Duration 1-4 room apartment: around 1/2 day Duration single-family house: approx. 1/2 - 1 day Multi-story buildings and public buildings: 1 - 2 days only in connection with 1-3 further light workers (the amount of lightworkers & blessing people depends on the size of the building and the amount of 10's/100's/1000's of people entering the building each month/year) Prices and further information on request. Thank you very much.


  • Luxemburg


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